Best Dog Bones

Best Dog Bones

Giving a bone to your dog of any age is a great thing that will promote health which will allow your dog to live a long a happy life.

When we say bones we do not mean leftover bones from dinner as that can become a hazard, but the bones you can find in a pet store that are specifically designed for dogs.

Benefits of Dog Bones

Provides Dental Benefits

Allowing your dog to chew on a dog bone is a great way to promote dental health. Bones helps scrape away the plaque which can cause bad breath, gum disease, and other dental concerns.

In addition, allowing your dog to chew on bones allow them to develop a stronger bite as many dogs lose that ability when they age.

Helps Avoid Boredom

If your dog is alone for a few hours when you are at work or out doing errands, they can become bored quickly. This means that there is a high chance that you will come home to a mess or a pillow that is chewed up in pieces.

Therefore, it is important to help your dog not to get bored and this can be done by giving them a bone to chew on. This will make sure that they can be entertained for hours and keep their mind stimulated.

Relieves Stress

Dogs like humans can get stressed, especially when you leave them home alone or when they have to be put into their crate. One thing that you can do to help manage their stress is by giving them a bone to chew on. This allows them to release energy and helps them to let go of their stress.

Satisfies the Urge to Chew

Some dogs just love to chew and for some it is just a part of their natural behavior. However, this behavior can become annoying when your dog chews up your favorite pair of shoes or swallow something that can make them sick.

This behavior is most present in puppies when they are teething. In order to avoid this problem give your dog a bone.

Choosing the Right Bone

Choosing the right bone is important to ensure the safety of your dog. So how do you choose the right bone?

Just follow this short guide and it will help you choose the perfect bone for your furry loved one.

The Right Size

It is important to choose the right size of bone, especially with larger dogs. This is because if the bone is too small it can become a choking hazard.

However, if you choose a bone that is too large many dogs will just ignore the bone and will not touch it. Hence, you want to choose a bone that your dog feels that they have a mouthful but not something that is overwhelming either.

The Right Hardness & Texture

The texture and the hardness of the bone is another thing that you should consider.

For instance, if you have an aggressive chewer you want something that is a little harder so it can last longer for your dog. However, if your dog is small and has a softer mouth you would want to choose something on the softer side.

Flavor is Important

Flavor really depends on your dog and what they enjoy. There are many flavors to choose from, which can range from peanut butter to beef. This is more trial and error, so you may want to test a few flavors before making your pick.

Top 5 Bones to Choose From

1. Good Buddy USA Rawhide Braided Sticks for Dogs

The good buddy USA rawhide braided sticks are a great bone-like structure to give to your dog. It is made in the USA from grass-fed beef. Many dogs enjoy the taste and it also helps keep their teeth and gums clean and healthy.

2. Merrick Meaty GI Bone

The merrick meaty GI bone is great for teeth and many dogs love the texture because there is still some meat that is left on them; which is natural beef jerky. In addition, the bone is natural and does not have any artificial coloring and flavors.

3. Balls ‘n Bones Big Dog One-Pound Braided Rawhide Rings

This bone is really meant for large and aggressive dog chewers. They come in a few sizes: 1 pound, 2 pounds, 3 pounds and even 4 pounds. This bone is made up of ultra thick, pressed rawhide which is why it is so strong. In addition, it is made of grass-fed and free range beef.

It is also antibiotic and hormone free.

4.  Benebone Bacon Flavored Wishbone Chew Toy

If your dog is a light chewer and has a small mouth than the benebone bacon flavored wishbone may be perfect for your furry loved one. It is a synthetic bone that is only made up of real bacon and nylon. This bone is only for larger dogs and it can be dangerous for smaller ones. And a bonus factor for this bone is that the brand Benebone supports animal welfare.

5. Redbarn – Natural White Bone Large Dog Chew

The redbarn – natural white bone is great if your dog loves chewing because it lasts a very long time. In addition, this particular bone has great taste and helps with boredom and maintains clean healthy teeth and gums. This bone also is great for basically any size dog as well. This bone is also hollow so you can stuff it will your dog’s favorite treat to keep them busy.

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