Nuheart – Heartworm Disease Prevention Medication

Nuheart - Heartworm Medication Review

What is Nuheart?

Nuheart is a tablet for dogs that help prevent heartworm disease. It is the generic version of Heartgard and contains the exact same ingredients, in the same amount. The tablets are also meat flavored and are usually extremely easy to give to dogs.

However, if your dog has a hard time accepting tablets, Nuheart can be dissolved in water and mixed into their food. In addition, it is only given to your dog once a month throughout the year to prevent heartworm disease from developing.

How Do You Give Nuheart?

Nuheart is easy to give; it is given once a month all year around.

The medication comes in a variety of sizes for each size of dog, make sure you aware of which Nuheart medication you are purchasing.

You simply give one tablet from the packet once a month to your dog. It can be given directly like a treat or dissolved and mixed in with their food.

Recommended by Other Dog Owners

Many dog owners recommend Nuheart as it is similar to Heartgard with all the same ingredients and same amounts; however it is cheaper. In addition, it helps protect your dog by preventing heartworm disease.

Where Can you find Nuheart?

Nuheart requires a prescription, but it can be easily ordered from But remember that it is always important to consult your veterinarian before giving any kind of medication or treatments to your furry loved one.

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